Robert first started performing in 1981 at his local youth club. After seeing New Edition perform at the Paladium he wanted to learn the moves! He would watch acts like Shalamar, Freeez and the King of Pop himself. He would study the moves and emulate them. Later on the craze of breakdancing really took off and Robert became very competitive in the area of body popping and floor work. So much so that Robert broke a number of bones pushing his boundaries!

Much later Robert had a chance encounter with a female Michael Jackson Tribute artist called Lisa who invited him to become a backing dancer in her act. As Lisa contemplated retirement from the stage, she encouraged him to enter the world of entertainment on his own. That was 1992, the rest is HiStory.

20 years on Robert is now married to his lovely wife Nicky. He still has a huge passion to perform and celebrate the entertainer that still remains the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Robert also has a passion in public speaking, coaching speakers and entertainers. He has set up a ministry called Free Your Voice which helps evangelists like himself and preachers to be effective, passionate and powerful presentors. All in all Robert Lives a pretty exciting life!

Robert With his wife Nicky and the Isaiah Charity team.

Michael Jackson with Roberts daughter Shannon